Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Halloween


For our boys Halloween is the most favorite holiday so far, so I'm trying to make it fun for them. This year I found a nice skeleton costume for Mitya, which was two sizes bigger, but I managed to make it fit him.

Daniel couldn't decide which costume to choose until the last day, when we came up with the idea of making him a Mummy, so I bought a long elastic bandage to wrap him, but certainly it was not enough, cause when the other kids came, all of his bandages started to fall apart and the costume was destroyed. Luckily, we had Shriek mask and the black cloak, so he put them on. But for our photoshoot he chose to be the  Jack O' Lantern and Harry Potter. He has some resemblance with Harry, don't you think?

Some of the treats I've prepared for the kids - the Witches' fingers, chocolate bats and cats, spider cupcakes and jelly worms.
You can find the recipes for these and many other fabulous spooky treats on my Pinterest Board.

The real fun has begun with the twilight when the ghosts and disgusting creatures of all kinds started to come for some treats. But my camera couldn't capture them all. Well, just some of them...


  1. Радвам се, да те видя!
    Чудесни снимки! Децата за страхотни!

  2. Благодаря ти много! Много ме зарадва твоя коментар!